Commonly Asked Welding Repair Questions

1 November 2018
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Welding is a common way of fusing two pieces of metal together. While welding may be a common type of work to have done, the various problems and issues that can impact this work are often poorly understood. This can put individuals in a position of being unable to address problems that may arise for their business.

What Types Of Problems Can Impact Welding Work?

While welding is usually an extremely reliable and durable type of work, there are some problems that may be more likely to occur. For example, corrosion can be an issue that may impact older welds. Another common issue can simply be the weld being insufficient for the weight and stress that it must sustain. When this issue starts to occur, you may notice cracking or warping occurring on or near the weld. Once these issues start to arise, quick action will be necessary to avoid the risk of the weld completely failing.

Can A Previous Weld Be Repaired?

In the event that one of your welds has suffered serious problems or damages, you might assume that it will be impossible to repair a spot that has been previously welded. However, this is actually a very common type of repair to have done. In situations where the damage to the weld is fairly minor, it will probably be possible to address it with a patch. This will reinforce the weld so that the risk of failing or the damage worsening will be kept to a minimum.

Should You Have An Employee Attempt The Repairs?

While it is possible to repair a previous weld that has suffered damage, there are some challenges that will make this work more challenging than originally welding it. For example, the entire scope of the damage will need to be assessed. Often, the damage that is visible is only a small part of the total problem for the weld. If this is the case and you apply a patch that is too weak for the scope of the damage, you may find that the problem returns fairly soon. Hiring a professional welding repair company such as Spradlin Bros Welding Co can be the best solution for addressing this damage. These individuals will be able to inspect the damage so that they can determine the exact type of repairs that will be needed. This is particularly important when the weld in question pertains to structurally or mechanically significant components as they can represent imminent safety threats.