Down In The Coal Mines: How To Avoid Accidents When Working In The Mines

18 April 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Working in mines is inherently dangerous. If you're going to be working in the mines, it's important that you understand the risks involved. Being aware of the risks will help you maintain your safety while you're on the job. In addition to being aware of the risks, it's also important that you take steps to reduce the risk associated with the job you'll be doing. The steps listed below will help you avoid work-related accidents while you're in the mines.

Ensure That You're Properly Trained

When it comes to your safety while working in mines, proper training is essential. This is particularly true when it comes to your MSHA training, which is required before you can work in the mines. You shouldn't enter the mines until you've been properly trained on all aspects of your work, and the equipment you'll be using. Not only that, but you'll also require refresher courses throughout your career as a mine worker. If you haven't received your training yet, or you feel that you're missing out on vital information, be sure to speak to your site foreman as soon as possible.

Know What's Going on Around You

When you're working in the mines, it's crucial that you know what's going on around you at all times. It's not enough to simply know what you're doing. You also need to know what everyone else is doing. Pay attention to the sights and sounds around you. Being aware of what's going on around you will ensure that you're able to react quickly should an emergency arise.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

When it comes to working in mines, you can't rush your job. You may be on a tight deadline, rushing a job can lead to serious injuries. To reduce the chance of accidents and injuries, always plan the task at hand, and provide additional time to get the task done properly and safely. With careful planning, you can reduce the risks that you and your team will be facing.

Follow All Safety Protocol

When you're in the mines, you can't afford to cut corners, especially when it comes to safety standards. Those standards and protocols are in place for a reason. Cutting even one corner could result in devastating consequences. To keep yourself out of harms way, always follow all safety protocol for the jobs you're assigned.

Don't take chances with your safety, or the safety of the workers around you. If you're going to be working in the mining industry, use the tips provided here to reduce your risk of injury. Contact a service, like Eagle Mine Safety, for more help.