Three Reasons You Need A Counter Top Water Filtration System

15 March 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When you are setting up a new home, there are many large and small tasks to fulfill before the place is completely together. One of the small features that will make a big difference is a water filter. Residential water filters are a good way to soften and clear the water that is coming out of a faucet. If you cannot yet set up a full house water filtration system, a countertop system is a good purchase. Here are three reasons you need a residential water filter

Bathing babies are safe

If you have babies or even pets, using hard water on their skin can cause issues. If the water is not properly filtered it could cause eczema, dry skin, or other skin related problems on very delicate skin. If you have pets that are prone to dry skin or have long fur, it is necessary to bathe them in softened water at the appropriate temperature. With a countertop water filter system, you can bathe your pets and babies in a deep sink without worry that their skin will be too dry. 

You have a space to wash the delicates

There are clothing pieces that will need to be hand washed in order to be taken care of appropriately. If you have delicates that you cannot put inside of the washing machine, a water filter system will allow you to soak and wash these by hand with no issues. Unfiltered water, especially if the water in the area is hard, can turn delicate, light-colored clothing into a dingy, yellow shade. A water filter system will remove the hard minerals that affect the water and allow you to use completely clear and clear H2O for your most precious fabrics. 

Filter replacement is only a minute

Water filters will need to have an appropriate filter in order to block chemicals, minerals, and additions to water. The filter will need to be changed out on a regular basis in order to make sure that the system is running at its most optimal. The filter replacement on a countertop system means placing a new filter on the hose attachment. This can be purchased online or in-store and are not cost prohibitive. The old filter can be removed and thrown away while the old filter is set in place within a minute or two. Having a system that continues to run around the clock with little maintenance makes it easier to keep your families health in check.