3 Reasons You Need A Crane For Storm Damage Cleanup

4 December 2017
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Whether it is a tornado, hurricane, or just a storm containing damaging wind, these natural weather events can wreak havoc on your residential property. Storm clean up after high winds can be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting, especially if you attempt to do everything by hand without any heavy equipment on site. Renting a small crane is one of the best ideas after a storm leaves you with a huge mess to contend with on your property. Here is a look at some of the reasons you could use a crane for storm damage cleanup on your residential property:

A crane can be used to remove large chunks of uprooted trees. 

Downed trees are probably the most common form of damage after a major storm passes through a residential property. Tree clean up can be one of the most time-consuming processes because a massive tree will have to be cut up and removed from your property piece by piece. If you rent a crane for the storm damage clean up project, you can maneuver large pieces of a down tree at one time instead of having to have all of the trees cut into small, liftable pieces. This will make the process of tree clean up a lot quicker.

A crane can be used to maneuver large items back into place safely. 

After a major storm, there are a lot of things on your property that may be out of place. A few examples of items that often get jostled about with high winds include:

  • playsets or swing sets
  • fencing
  • gazebos
  • lawn equipment

Instead of trying to maneuver these items by hand, which can be dangerous and physically demanding, it is a much better idea to have a crane on site to help. The crane can reposition the items quickly. 

A crane can be used to hoist large structure pieces. 

Perhaps your garage sustained damage during the storm, and a section of the roof was displaced. Maybe there is a truss on your home that shifted. Both of these are examples of how a crane can be used to repair structural damage after a storm. Having a crane on site gives you options that you would not otherwise have. For example, you can simply maneuver a truss back in place so repairs are easier to handle and that section of the roof can be covered with tarps until repairs are made. 

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