3 Tips To Help You Care For Your Camper's Propane Tank

20 June 2017
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Many people enjoy hitching up their camp trailer and hitting the open road during the warm summer months. If you have a family camping trip planned this summer, then you will want to ensure that your camper's propane supply can be used safely and efficiently. Propane safety begins with the proper care of the tanks in which this powerful gas is stored.

Here are three tips that you can use to help you better care for your camper's propane tank in the future.

1. Inspect the tank regularly.

To ensure that gas leaks don't become deadly while you are trying to enjoy some time in nature, it's essential that you take the time to inspect your camper's propane tank on a regular basis. You should visually inspect the tank for signs of rust, as this type of corrosion could weaken the metal tank and cause it to leak over time.

You should also run your hands along the exterior surface of the tank to feel for pitting or hairline cracks that could also lead to leaks. If you notice any damage, take your tank to a propane professional for repairs before using it on your next family camping trip.

2. Leave a little propane in the tank.

Another important safety tip when it comes to using propane to power your camper's appliances is to leave a little propane in the tank once the fuel source begins to run low. Manufacturer's will provide you with a recommended minimum that should be kept in your tank at all times.

It's critical that you adhere to these recommendations in order to maintain some pressure inside of your propane tank. Without a slight amount of pressure at all times, your propane tank could suffer irreparable damage and become a safety hazard when it's time to refill the tank. If you will need more propane than one tank can supply, pack an extra tank for your camping trip to avoid emptying out your primary tank completely.

3. Keep your propane tank secured in place.

Propane tanks that are mounted to the exterior of your camp trailer should be secured in place with safety straps. These safety straps play a key role in keeping your tank in an upright position, and they prevent the tank from coming loose and falling to the ground.

A propane tank that isn't secure could fall and break, causing the tank to turn into a dangerous projectile as the pressurized gas inside of it propels the tank forward. Using safety straps is a must when traveling with a propane tank.

Being able to properly care for your camper's propane tank will help you make your family's summer camping trips a success. Contact a fuel supplier, like Ferrell Fuel Co Inc, for more help.