3 Things An Aluminum Truck Bed Can Do For Your Contractor Vehicle

1 June 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


As a construction contractor, the vehicle you use every day to get from job to job is one of the most important tools that you have. This vehicle is not just your means of transportation, but also your way to transport the necessary tools and equipment that you need. Because of this, it is only logical to change up the design of the basic pickup truck by having it outfitted with a custom-made aluminum truck bed. If you have been considering investing in an aluminum truck bed for your contractor vehicle, you will find it helpful to know what this investment can do for you. 

Integrated tool storage 

On a regular pickup, the tools you use for your contracting business would simply be laid inside of the bed or at best, you will fit as much as you can in a tool box. However, if you have a custom-made aluminum truck bed, you can have a range of integrated storage slots and spaces on the bed itself. These beds can have cabinets and drawers along the sides and bottoms to house all of your expensive business tools, which keeps them from being out in the open where they could easily be stolen or damaged by the weather.

Professional appearance

There is only so much you can do to a regular pickup truck to make it better reflect your business, such as adding decals to the doors or lights on top. However, if you have a custom truck bed installed, you will automatically cause your truck to look more like a professional, business-related piece of equipment.  You can have extra lights installed on the top of the bed to use if you are hauling or towing something large and can even have the aluminum bed painted to match the theme of your business. 

Easier access to the bed of the truck

From sheets of drywall and sticks of lumber to plumbing pipes and other construction materials, it can be quite difficult to get these items onto the bed of a regular truck because of the bed's tall sides on either side. An aluminum truck bed is most often flat with only small lips along the edge. Therefore, you can slide materials onto the bed from any angle you pick without struggling.

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