Why You Always Need To Have A Good Supply Of Propane

25 May 2017
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Running out of any home fuel can be annoying, but with propane it's even more so because the problem is so preventable. You should always have a good supply of propane and refill your tank before it gets too low. Not only will that ensure you have a steady supply, it will also help keep you safe.

Less Propane Means Possibly More Rust

As propane leaves the storage tank, air and possibly moisture can get in and take the propane's place. Exposure to air and moisture can lead to rust on the inside of the tank. That makes the tank less stable and more likely to spring a leak once the rust eats through the metal, and it can affect the propane itself. Obviously, you can't refill the tank every week; that's an inconvenience. But you can refill it every month or two to ensure you're getting a regular supply and keeping the tank as full as possible.

No Pilots

Any appliances you have that still use standing pilots (where the pilot light is on continuously instead of turning on through electronic ignition) can be a real danger if you run out of propane. The pilot lights would obviously go out, and if you were to refill the tank and restart everything immediately, you'd have propane leaking out of the pilot light burners until you could get those relit. You don't want propane filling your home. A good propane company will help you secure all the pilot lights first, but if you attempt to refill the propane tank yourself or hook up a portable tank, you could forget one or two lights.

Sudden Spikes and Shortages

Ensuring your supply of propane is always abundant is the best way to protect against price shocks and shortages. If you wait until the last minute to get more propane, you then have no choice but to pay whatever the going price is, or wait without propane until the region gets more supplies. Sure, by paying early and frequently for propane you could end up paying higher prices, too, but at least you'll have more of a choice as to whether to wait or not to buy more. When you're about to run out, then you have less flexibility in that matter.

Set up regular delivery schedules for the next few months and see how that works out for you; if you find yourself having to call for additional deliveries, you can increase the schedule frequency. Having enough propane is crucial for having a comfortable, safe home. For more information, contact a business such as Gas Production CO Inc